Geographical Indications (GIs)

“At Rishright, our passion for authenticity and excellence leads us to the very heart of culinary greatnessGeographical Indications (GIs). GIs are a sign used on products that have a specific geographical origin and possess qualities or a reputation due to that origin. They ensure that only products genuinely originating in that region are allowed to use the esteemed name, guaranteeing authenticity and quality.”

Why GIs?

We choose ingredients from GIs regions because they represent an unbroken thread connecting the food to its original terroir. This connection is essential for us because it means each ingredient carries with it the story of the land, the heritage of its people, and the purity of its origins.

By selecting GIs-certified ingredients, we commit to delivering not just unparalleled flavor but a slice of history and culture.

Our Chosen GI: The Qin-Chilli from Qishan

The first ambassador of our dedication to GIs is the Qin-Chilli, a vibrant ingredient native to Qishan
in Baoji, Shaanxi Province. Known as the birthplace of this fiery condiment, Qishan’s unique climate and rich soil impart the Qin-Chilli with its distinctive flavor—a blend of heat, sweetness, and a hint of smokiness that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

It's this authenticity that makes our Qin-Chilli condiment not just a spice, but a cultural experience.

Our Commitment to
GI Excellence

Our journey doesn’t stop here. Rishright is dedicated to continuously exploring and bringing to your table the finest foods and ingredients from China’s revered GIs. In doing so, we aim to unveil the long and storied history of Chinese cuisine, offering more than just taste but an edible narrative of China’s rich culinary traditions.