Fresh Qin-Chilli Sauce 3 Jars Set

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The first Qin-Chilli Condiment selling in UK.

Fresh Qin-Chilli Sauce is becoming one of the must on many dining tables after we launched last November.

It’s extraordinary aroma and flavour enrich your food and fulfil your satisfaction of eating.

Detailed product introduction please check single product.

  • Small batch crafted in Shaanxi, China
  • Selected Qin-Chilli from protected ECO-GI Region
  • Sugar Freed · No GMO · Vegan Friendly

Usage suggestions:

  • Use directly with all kinds of food
  • Without cooking:
    • Chinese Food: mixed with all kinds of noodles, rice, boiled meat or vegetables etc..
    • Western Food: mixed with salad, directly eat with Cheese, fish, Sandwich has Cheese,Baked Potatoes etc.
  • With cooking:
    • Chinese Food: Cook with Tofu to make MaLa Tofu, cook with Beef  and stewed with sea food etc.
    • Western Food: Scrambled eggs, pumpkin or sweet potato soup, mixed with boiled chicken meat etc…..

We are great with every thing and we encourage you make your own recipes with the inspiration of the sauce.

Additional information
Weight 1200 g
Dimensions 12 × 20 × 7 cm